Kirk Scott Departs Nintendo Of America After 5 Years

Kirk Scott Nintendo Of America Photo

After 5 years, Nintendo of America’s Kirk Scott has announced that he is no longer working for the company.

He had first joined Nintendo of America in 2015 to help manage the company’s relationship with third-party publishers and handle developer relations.

Many Nintendo Switch owners will recognise him from the Nindies Showcase and Indie World Showcase presentations.

“I am no longer working at Nintendo,” Scott confirmed on Twitter. “The past five years have brought incredible joy from working with all of the amazing indies, and that work will continue!

“Since February of this year, the events we have all experienced have crystalised my thinking. I’m tired. Opening doors for minorities, being inclusive and enabling success for EVERYONE in the indie space will be a priority for me. It brings joy!

“I can’t wait to continue this work with all of you. We all have an opportunity to make things better for others and educate while making great games. Stay tuned!”

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