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It was in 1997 that Nintendo’s beloved pink protagonist found himself once again spun into the puzzle genre.

Seemingly designed as a fusion of styles between Dr. Mario and Tetris, Kirby’s Star Stacker once again puts the player’s reflexes and strategic thinking under stain in a simple yet effective manner.

In his continued efforts to outwit the dastardly King Dedede, the cuddly pink superstar enlists the aid of Kirby’s Dream Land 2 co-stars Rick, Coco and Kine, as you seek to successfully stack falling stars.

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To do so, the player must sandwich such stars between two matching friend icons, and, if correctly performed, these are then added to your overall score and immediately removed from play. As with similar match-and-stack puzzle games, if the blocks are to ever reach the top of the screen it’ll be game over.

There are four varying game modes to entice you: Round Clear, in which the player selects their chosen difficulty level and must make their way through a set number of rounds, each with its own theme; Challenge Mode, endless waves of blocks seeing the player tasked with surviving for as long as possible; Time Attack, where you must score as many stars within a three-minute time limit; and VS, the game’s multiplayer offering.

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Predictably, the heightened difficulty increases the level of challenge, and it is here that more advanced players will welcome the longevity of repeatedly being able to push your skill further.

Visually, it all looks a little dated, the technicolour in the remake, Kirby’s Super Star Stacker, still yet to make a western appearance, yet this is more than made up for by the reminiscent chiptune melodies.

On the whole, this will readily be enjoyed by puzzle fans of all ages, and is a welcome distraction ahead of stellar releases that are soon to line the festive period for Nintendo 3DS owners.

Version Tested: Nintendo 3DS
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