Kirby’s Adventure Wii dated for Europe

kirby adventure wii

Nintendo have this week announced that Kirby’s Adventure Wii is to release across Europe on November 25th.

The game, which sees Kirby continue his side-scrolling antics, sees the delightful pink hero tasked with finding parts of a crashed alien spaceship that have been scattered across Planet PopStar. Kirby enlists the aid of Meta Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee, offering the opportunity for players to either play through the game on their own or with up to three friends.

Kirby also retains his Copy Abilities, allowing him to wear a range of matching costumes and hats by inhaling enemies to gain their abilities. Such abilities include Sword Kirby, Whip Kirby, Ninja Kirby and Fighter Kirby where he becomes a martial artist complete with judo throws .

Additionally, Kirby can also take on Super Abilities when you inhale large special glowing enemies. They are only able to be used within a short period of time, but are useful to deal higher levels of damage to enemies, destroying obstacles, opening new paths and discovering hidden objects.

You’ll also be able to enjoy a Ninja Dogo mode, where you must throw ninja stars at a target by swinging the Wii Rewmote – aim for the bullseye!

Kirby’s Adventure Wii launches on November 25th exclusively for Wii.

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