Kirby Triple Deluxe director shares gameplay tips and tricks


If you’re looking to gain an edge in Kirby Triple Deluxe, HAL Laboratory’s Satoshi Ishida has shared some gameplay tips provided to him by game director Shinya Kumazaki.

“Hello, everyone. I am the director of Kirby: Triple Deluxe and I would like to share a little trick for the game,” the Miiverse message begins.

“We all know Kirby inhales enemies and spits them out as Star Bullets to attack, but did you know that the more enemies you inhale and spit out at once, the more powerful the attack becomes? The attack powers up even more if you spit the Star Bullets out while dashing! This technique can come in handy, especially during boss battles.

“There are other tricks to learn, too. For example, Kirby’s Air Shots are more powerful when targets are closer, and if you push down on the controls while hovering you can use Quick Fall.

“The game’s controls are simple enough for new users to play and finish the game, but there are also plenty of complex techniques and moves for more advanced players to master.”

We were fairly fond of Kirby Triple Deluxe ahead of the 3DS exclusive’s May release, calling it “as much a technical extravaganza for the 3DS hardware as Super Mario 3D Land was nearly three years ago” in our review.

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