Kirby Star Allies Hides This Amazing HD Rumble Musical Secret

kirby star allies artwork closeup

Kirby Star Allies is now available around the world, and while many will be preparing to use Kirby’s new power to spread love to bring peace back to Dream Land, the Nintendo Switch exclusive hides an amazing HD Rumble musical secret.

This is the part where I should take a moment to warn you that reading on will spoil a post-completion easter egg but I promise will contain no plot spoilers. If you would rather discover it yourself then close this tab, but, well, if you’re still with me at this point then read on.

After defeating the final boss, watching the credits, and being returned to the main menu screen, selecting Story Mode will reveal that you have unlocked a new stage, Extra Planet δ (or Extra Stage Delta if we weren’t to use its symbol), in the game’s final world.

This plays out like a typical stage filled with puzzles, bosses, and every other challenge that HAL Laboratory wants to throw at us. But, when you reach the stage’s conclusion, your team stumbles on a structure that looks like a Game Boy, and, wandering through a doorway that appears in the ‘screen,’ we’re able to experience a short throwback to Green Greens in Kirby’s Dream Land.

That’s exciting enough as it is, but, once you reach the end of this section, a Kirby statue carrying the message “We Love Kirby” appears. At this point, I noticed that my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller was doing something rather remarkable, in using the HD Rumble motors to play the main melody from the Kirby series signature track, Green Greens.

I was confused at what had happened at first, so, muting my television to replay the stage, I managed to capture the technological magic at work – which you can listen to below. Enjoy!

Kirby Star Allies HD Rumble Musical Secret

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