Kirby Star Allies Breaks US Sales Record

Kirby Star Allies Review Header

Kirby Star Allies has broken a sales record in the United States, with the NPD Group reporting that it had the strongest debut month of sales in the history of the pink puffball’s colourful series.

The Nintendo Switch exclusive, that had released worldwide on March 16th, was the fourth best-selling game of the month and recorded sales that were 90 percent higher than Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland.

The Game Boy Advance game, which released way back on 2nd December 2002, had previously held the record that Kirby’s first outing on the portable home console has broken.

In our Kirby Star Allies review, we wrote: “Entertaining but lacking the challenge that many will crave, it’s hard not to come away from playing Kirby Star Allies with a mixed opinion. With impeccably polished visuals but uncomplex stages to overcome, this short-lived adventure in Dream Land has much room for improvement which we can only hope the pink puffball’s next outing will deliver on.”

[Thanks, VentureBeat]
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