Kirby Battle Royale Update Version 3.0 Adds Sleep Copy Ability


Nintendo has released a software update for Kirby Battle Royale, the chaotic arena-based 3D fighting game now on version 3.0.

This introduces the Sleep Copy Ability, which is broadly considered to be the most useless Copy Ability that the pink puffball has access to.

There have been some balance adjustments for the rest of the Copy Abilities, some adjustments “to enhance gameplay,” and Battle Arena matches will now be terminated if multiple players gang up on one player.

Patch Notes For Kirby Battle Royale Update Version 3.0

  • Added Kirby’s Sleep Copy Ability.
  • Adjusted balance of Copy Ability strengths.
  • Several adjustments made to enhance gameplay.
  • In Online Battle, a Battle Arena match will be terminated if it is taking unusually long due to attacks focused on one player. This will end as an incomplete game that won’t affect Ranking Points.
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