Kirby And The Forgotten Land Present Codes: Free Star Coins, Rare Stones And More

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Rescue 50 Waddle Dees from the Beast Pack’s clutches in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and you will unlock the chance to enter Present Codes to get special items from Waddle Dee-liveries.

Speak to Delivery Waddle Dee, and he will explain that if you enter a Present Code at the counter you can claim a Delivery Present. The Present Codes are one-time use, with those that aren’t discovered in-game requiring that players connect online to “claim ’em.”

Even though the Nintendo Switch exclusive has only just launched, there are several Present Codes that you can have the pink puffball scribble down on Delivery Waddle Dee’s clipboard. The Present Codes are all case sensitive so you will need to enter them in capital letters, and you will need to open the ribbon-tied pink Delivery Present that will appear outside Kirby’s House before you can enter another Present Code.

The Delivery Presents largely contain Star Coins and Rare Stones, which will be incredibly helpful on your adventure to unlock new Copy Ability Upgrades in Waddle Dee’s Weapons Shop or even to simply start expanding your figure collection using the capsule machines in Waddle Dee Town’s Gotcha Machine Alley.

List of Present Codes for Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Present CodeReward
BIRTHDAY1 Rare Stone
BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM500 Star Coins and 1 Attack Boost
CLEARDEMO300 Star Coins
CRYSTALSHARDS150 Star Coins, 2 Food Items and 1 Maxim Tomato
GAMENEWS1 Rare Stone
HAPPYHOLIDAYS500 Star Coins, 1 Car-Mouth Cake and 2 Food Items
ICONELEMENTS300 Star Coins and 1 Kirby Burger
KIRBYGAMESTOPCAN150 Star Coins and 1 Maxim Tomato
KIRBYMICROSITE150 Star Coins and 1 Attack Boost
KIRBYNEWSDESK150 Star Coins and 1 Energy Drink
KIRBYSTORY300 Star Coins
KIRBYTHEGOURMET1 Rare Stone and 1 Car-Mouth Cake
MOUTHFULMODE100 Star Coins and 1 Car-Mouth Cake
MUSICFEST300 Star Coins and 1 Maxim Tomato
NEWADVENTURE300 Star Coins and 1 Rare Stone
NEWWORLD150 Star Coins and 1 Car-Mouth Cake
THANKYOUKIRBY1000 Star Coins and 1 Rare Stone
THIRTIETH 1 Rare Stone and 1 Car-Mouth Cake

We were really impressed with the pink puffball’s first 3D adventure, concluding in our review: “Kirby and the Forgotten Land may be seen as an evolution rather than a revolution for the mightily-powered pink puffball, but the result is a stride in the right direction and what easily ranks as one of Kirby’s best adventures to date. The experience never failed to raise a smile and that it left me never wanting the adventure to end certainly can’t be a bad thing – especially with an appetite as endless as the game’s heroic pink star.”

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is now available at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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