Killer Queen Black Delayed Into Summer 2019

Killer Queen Black Key Art

Liquid Bit has announced that Killer Queen Black’s release has been delayed on Nintendo Switch, allowing more time to implement more features to make it the “best experience” possible.

“We pushed our release date from Winter 2019 (Q1 2019) to Summer 2019 (Q2/Q3 2019). We want this game out as much (or more) as you do, but we’re committed to only releasing it when it’s ready with all the features that enable the best experience,” the developer explained in an update.

“In addition to the new features that we’re working on, we need more time for marketing, media review campaigns, influencer campaigns and console testing. These things take time, and most can only be completed once we have a release candidate that has the full feature set.”

Killer Queen Black is a new take on the arcade eSport game, Killer Queen, that has been rebuilt from the ground up and optimised for the portable home console.

The intense multiplayer action-strategy platformer will let you fly solo or team up with three of your friends as you race to reach your victory conditions.

To help you clinch the victory, you can wield five distinct weapons whether that be the Sword, Morning Star, Laser, Lance or Stinger.

There are four games modes in Quick Match, Ranked, Custom and Arena, with support for both online play and local multiplayer.

Killer Queen Black will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Summer 2019.

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