Kid Icarus: Uprising receives enormous weapon infographic

kid icarus uprising7

Nintendo of Europe have unveiled a rather enormous weapon infographic detailing the arsenal potentially available to you within Nintendo 3DS exclusive, Kid Icarus: Uprising.

With nine differing weapon types within the game, encompassing Blades, Staves, Claws, Bows, Palms, Clubs, Cannons, Orbs and Arms, it can be hard to discern how each varies from each other.

Handily, the infographic serves to aid your choice, providing examples of each type whilst explaining their strengths and weaknesses. So, if enemies are proving troublesome, or if you can’t seem to get a grip on online multiplayer, hopefully it’ll provide you with a few pointers.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is now available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS across Europe and North America, and be sure to read our review.

You can view the extensive weapon infographic through this link.

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