Kid Icarus: Uprising multiplayer modes detailed

Kid Icarus Uprising 3DS

Nintendo have confirmed more information regarding the multiplayer modes within Kid Icarus: Uprising, playable through either local wireless or through the Nintendo Network.

Light vs. Dark is the core mode, seeing two teams of three going head to head. Here, the ultimate goal is to empty the opposing team’s health meter, to then cause the last defeated team member to turn into an angel. Whoever defeats the opposing team’s angel being victorious.

Alongside this is Free-for-All, six players (including CPU where necessary) setting out to defeat each other to achieve the highest score, influenced by number of kills and deaths.

During multiplayer matches, weapons collected through single player may be used, players also able to earn additional weapons as a reward for their success. You’ll be able to choose weapon and power combinations prior to a match, providing an incentive for players to collect as powerful weapons as possible. The Arms Altar also allows you to fuse weapons together, the product of which being a single, stronger weapon that retains key benefits of each.

StreetPass functionality is also incorporated, seeing players able to select a weapon to share with others. That chosen is turned into a Weapon Gem, the recipient able to then pay hearts to convert the gem back to a weapon.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is due to launch across Europe and North America on March 23rd.

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