Kick & Fennick Sees Wii U Release On June 2nd


Prepare to bounce, dodge, dash and leap your way through Kick & Fennick, a physics-based platformer that will soon see release on Wii U.

Abstraction Games and Jaywalkers Interactive have teamed up to bring the game to consoles, which tells the tale of a young boy called Kick who wakes up in a brightly colourful world. Armed with a giant gun that can shoot down enemy robots, it can also be used to make enormous jumps using the weapon’s recoil.

You will play through 45 levels as you steadily make your way to the Core Tower, searching for a new energy core for Fennick, your newfound flying robot friend. It won’t be an easy journey either, with collapses skyscrapers, treadmills, bounce pads, magnets, teleporters and a towering guard robot all looking to cut your quest short.

Kick & Fennick will release on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U on June 2nd.

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