Kick Butt In Demon Turf On Nintendo Switch

Demon Turf Artwork

Fabraz has revealed that Demon Turf is in development for Nintendo Switch, a “3D platformer with attitude” which is their spiritual successor to Slime-san.

You play as the young demon Beebz, who, barely a thousand years old, decides that it is time that she kicks every turf leader’s butt in the Demon World to become the Demon Queen.

With a unique aesthetic that combines 2D illustrations with 3D environments, the developer promises you the chance to explore a world “chock-full of humor and style.”

The game’s soundtrack is accompanied by Beebz’s rapping, while gameplay mechanics will require you to pull off clever platforming combinations or brawl with your enemies using the physics-driven combat system.

There are side quests to help with in the hub town, pictures of hidden locations to snap for the Photo Hunt mode, purchasable mods that can be combined to change your play style, and more.

Demon Turf will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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