Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition Discovers A Secret Highway On Nintendo Switch


Annapurna Interactive has announced that Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

The haunting episodic tale from developer Cardboard Computer is a magical realist point and click adventure game, and, on Nintendo Switch, it will contain all five acts and the interludes that bridge the gap between them.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition centres around a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky and those that travel on it. The game follows the narrative of a truck driver named Conway as he tries to cross Route Zero to make a final delivery for the antique company that he works for, becoming lost on the way after which he meets a haunted TV repair woman, a young boy and his giant eagle brother, and a pair of robot musicians, among others.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition will see release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in early 2018.





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