Keiji Inafune sees Mario as the “development bible” for game creators


Keiji Inafune has showered praise on the Mario series proclaiming that it “is, for game creators, the development bible.”

Within IGN‘s Mario Memories article, the Mega Man creator poured scorn on those that haven’t played Nintendo’s iconic creation, even going as far to say that Japan should recognise how Shigeru Miyamoto has broadened appreciation for the country.

“If any creator has not played Mario, then they’re probably not a good creator,” Inafune begins. “That’s something I can say with 100 percent confidence. Mario is, for game creators, the development bible.

“There are so many hints about good design, about cute characters, about innovation in using an existing gameplay system. It’s something you have to constantly look at and examine and take hints from as a game creator. It’s the anchor that grounds almost all games.”

He continues, “I have total respect for Miyamoto, to the point where… It’s very strange that there are national cultural treasures – they’re traditionally sportsmen. I think it’s very strange that somebody as famous as Miyamoto hasn’t been designated one of those people. He’s talked about in all different countries. Lots of people know him. He’s pushed forward Japanese culture and interest in Japan all over the world.

“He’s somebody that deserves everyone’s ultimate respect, and a lot of that is due to being able to create Mario. And Super Mario Bros. 3, of course, within that, was a fantastic game.”

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  1. Mario originally called Jumpman was the beginning of 8-bit gaming but I think he’s just making a subjective opinion. The Nintendo game if you’ve ever played it has bugs too, and many.

    And he claimed to be only a half-creator of Rockman in an interview years ago and now after leaving or being let off by Capcom he says it like he is the creator.

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