Keep To The Shadows In Winter Ember On Nintendo Switch

Winter Ember Logo

Blowfish Studios and Sky Machine Studios have revealed that their stealth sandbox action game Winter Ember is coming to Nintendo Switch “later this year.”

You play as Arthur Artorias, a long-presumed dead aristocrat who sets out to exact his revenge on Greater Heaven – an oppressive religious faction that maintains an iron grip on his ruined homestead.

Challenged to scour the derelict districts of the Victorian city, you will be challenged to stealthily weave between snow-covered alleyways in your efforts to pilfer estates and temples while silencing those that are unlucky enough to spot you.

There will be plenty of tools at your disposal, with the chance to craft and combine specific arrow types – such as smoke, explosion, electricity, sleep, water and poison – to help you scale buildings, remove barriers and subdue otherwise unsuspecting cult members that lie in your path.

“Winter Ember’s chilling roots are planting themselves in gaming machines as we speak,” explains Sky Machine Studios lead project director Robert Wahby. “Can you scour the kingdom for precious loot and uncover the clues for the best of multiple endings to Arthur’s story without being spotted? Put your stealth and detective skills to the test and take up that challenge!”

Winter Ember will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide “later this year.”

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