Just Shapes And Beats: Hardcore Edition Coming To Nintendo Switch As Free DLC

Just Shapes And Beats: Hardcore Edition Screenshot

With Just Shapes and Beats: Hardcore Edition out now on PlayStation 4, Berzerk Studio has confirmed that it will come to Nintendo Switch as free downloadable content.

The musical bullet hell game challenges you to navigate deadly shapes solo or in either local or online co-operative multiplayer, against a soundtrack that has been composed by 20 chiptune artists.

The Hardcore Mode was introduced with the PlayStation 4 port, and has seen the developer redesign every stage in a way that would “make even seasons Souls-like players weep.”

“We made our designer watch videos of things that anger him, like people cutting in line at the coffee shop because they know the staff, and dog owners not cleaning up behind their animal, and then let him loose in the wild,” Berzerk Studio’s Mike Ducarme explained on the PlayStation Blog.

“Every stage has been redesigned in some form or another to give you a whole new experience that will make even seasoned Souls-like players weep, longing for their mother’s warm embrace.”

Just Shapes and Beats is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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