Junichi Masuda Talks About The Future For Pokémon On Nintendo Switch


E3 2017 was exciting for many reasons, but especially when The Pokémon Company International president and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara announced that Game Freak had started developing a core Pokémon RPG title for Nintendo Switch.

Now, Game Freak co-founder Junichi Masuda has spoken about what the future holds for Pokémon, and how excited the team is – not only about Nintendo Switch, but in having the chance to release a Pokémon game on it.

“What I’m really curious about, and really excited to see, will be the main way that people play the Switch,” Masuda explained to Game Informer in their September issue.

“Will it be home for the most part? Will it be out and about? I think that is really going to depend on where the person lives, maybe. Depending on the country, maybe the main style of playing will be different. As we’ve been saying a lot, we always focus on, when designing the games, thinking about how the player is going to play the game – how they’re going to enjoy it, and what kind of experiences they are going to have. I’m really just kind of excited to see where the main style of playing is going to land.”

The Pokémon series has transitioned between platforms before, perhaps, most significantly, between the single-screen Game Boy family of systems to the dual-screen Nintendo DS. But, with Nintendo Switch, that transition perhaps isn’t as straightforward.

“It’s definitely different this time,” Masuda acknowledged. “Just playing it at home is kind of a little bit different than the portable systems we’ve made games for up until now.”

Game Freak isn’t blind to the overwhelming reaction that the news at E3 2017 was met with, and are certainly listening to feedback from fans as to what they are hoping to see.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon director Shigeru Ohmori added: “It definitely is really fun to see that, but at the same time, it is definitely a lot of pressure, so we’re going to do our best to create a game that answers those expectations.”

Masuda didn’t hesitate to agree, admitting that he hoped expectations from fans weren’t set too high.

“Of course, it is very difficult to make the game, so I hope people don’t get their expectations up too high,” Masuda admitted. “We’ll do our best.”

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