Jump Scares Await In Kaet Must Die! On Nintendo Switch

Kaet Must Die! Screenshot

Strength in Numbers Studios has announced that Kaet Must Die! will release on Nintendo Switch, a first-person horror puzzler in which you play as the powerful psionicist Kaetheran.

Having woken alone in a dark sewer, stripped of her powers she is surrounded by unholy creatures with only one purpose – to kill her. With the developer promising that it will be “the most brutal, unforgiving game ever made” with many jump scares and unlimited deaths thrown in, you must help Kaetheran to survive.

You must follow cryptic clues to unravel the mystery that surrounds why everyone wants to kill you, with the chance to gain new abilities. Hiding in shadows will make your insanity bar rise, which will soon draw the attention of the dreaded blood with Annalinnia – meaning that it’s important to keep on the move.

“Be prepared to die. A lot,” warns Strength in Numbers Studios CEO Scott Rescheke. “Kaet Must Die! was designed to punish players with its over-the-top difficulty and to appeal to those hungry for a true challenge. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of games journalists die, and die again when we show off the game at this year’s GDC.”

Kaet Must Die! will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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