Judd Now Rewards You With Super Sea Snails In Splatoon

judd splatoon image

Now that Splatoon‘s final Splatfest has taken place, warring Inklings are now without a regular source of Super Sea Snails.

In their absence players can now turn to lazy feline Judd, who will reward you with one Super Sea Snail for every 30 wins that you secure online. This is calculated over time, so you needn’t worry about sinking several hours into Splatoon at a time, but it will certainly take you a lot more time to earn them compared to participating in the regular Splatfests.

Nintendo has also confirmed that Judd will now award players more bonus points to the team that scores a victory in Regular Battle, which is reported to be a lofty 1000 points. That will help level up new clothing, unlocking the bonuses that they hide.

“Last but not least, it sounds like Judd’s getting a little more generous, and the bonus points given to the victory in Regular Battle will increase from now on. Thanks Judd!” the Squid Research Lab scrawls. “Also, a rumor says that he may even give you a small reward if you keep battling… Check it out to see what might happen!”

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