Journal prepares to turn a page on Wii U


Support for the Wii U from independent developers continues to roll in, with Richard Perrin confirming his desire to bring his latest project to Nintendo’s console.

His adventure title ‘Journal’ is perhaps different from what most expect, forgoing a focus on puzzle elements for interactivity, dialogue and narrative choices.

Players assume the role of a young girl who is challenged with tackling childhood issues like lying to friends or cheating on tests, and seeing how these affect your relationship with other characters.

“Nintendo have been a lot more open with indies than they necessarily have historically, and I think that’s a great sign of this generation where even the big companies are looking more to indies,” creator Richard Perrin discussed with Nintendo Life, “and so I met up with the Nintendo guys at PAX and GDC earlier this year, and now they’ve already sent me out a devkit and the equipment needed to take a game like this and get it onto their platform.

“I’ve already managed to get rough bits and pieces working, and the hope is that this will eventually come out on Wii U later in the year. Obviously, Nintendo still have an approval process, so I can’t guarantee it, but I don’t see that there’d be any problems.”

And we’re certainly hoping that there won’t be any problems either.

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