James Farr’s Super Smash Wars returns in The Empire Smashes Back


We were rather taken aback by the sheer awesome of James Farr‘s Nintendo and Star Wars crossover animation Super Smash Wars: A Link to the Hope, so we can consider ourselves spoilt rotten that he’s now delivered a sequel, The Empire Smashes Back.

This continues to trace the spoof narrative of Link Skywalker as he joins the Rebel Alliance in their rebellion again Phantom Lord Ganon-Darth, now taking inspiration from George Lucas’s 1980 space opera The Empire Strikes Back.

Mario, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong return as Han Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca respectively, cameos and items from Nintendo’s staple IPs notably coming together during the infamous Battle of Hoth. Whilst Link’s journey to the Pokéball System to learn the ways of the Triforce from Yodachu is particularly inspired.

It’s a two-parter, both of which you can catch below. Enjoy, and see how many Nintendo-related references you can spot!

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