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James Bond: 007 Legends Review

On paper, 007 Legends sounds a likable concept. We begin with the closing section of Skyfall’s pre-gun barrel sequence, Bond fighting Patrice to recover a stolen hard drive whilst atop a moving ...

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Activison’s Wii U sizzle trailer ignites excitement

Alongside confirmation of their commitment to Wii U during its launch window, Activison have released a sizzle trailer serving to showcase their software line-up for the console. Within you will catch...


Activision preparing seven titles for Wii U launch window

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg has confirmed that the publisher will support the Wii U with seven titles, set to release during its launch window. Between November 18th in the US, or November 30th for ...

Rumour: James Bond 007 Legends set for Wii U

Whilst we are yet to hear confirmation of Activision’s plans to support the Wii U, a product listing on Amazon France may have provided some indication.

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