Jack Tretton has a “tremendous amount of respect” for Nintendo

Jack Tretton has shared that he has a “tremendous amount of respect” for Nintendo, indicating that having multiple hardware manufacturers brings out the best in the industry.

The former Sony Computer Entertainment of America president and CEO had been discussing how successfully launching the PlayStation 4 had been “such a great redemption” after the toils that the console’s predecessor faced. Whether that be the early costing mistake, introduction of Blu-ray technology, and the PlayStation Network security breach, the company has within the past year found itself in a more positive position.

“I think every company has their challenges but I have a tremendous amount of respect for Microsoft and Nintendo,” Tretton explained to GamesIndustry International. “I think they both have tremendous resources and strengths and they’ve had their successes in the past and they’ll have their successes in the future. I think both companies will ultimately be around for a long time to come and will continue to have success in gaming. I’ve always said I think a rising tide lifts all boats, so if gaming is going to be healthy it needs as many healthy companies as possible.”

He continued, “A world where there’s only one successful console manufacturer is not necessarily a healthy world. You need multiple people bringing multiple ideas and technologies to bear. I think it’s great to have strong players like Nintendo and Microsoft in the business. Ultimately, every company in the business benefits if they’re successful. I think everybody’s rooting for them whether they work there or not. If they’re a gamer, they want as many choices as possible and they want to determine what’s best for their gaming interests, whether it’s consoles, or smartphones, tablets, PC, you name it. As long as someone’s a gamer they are potentially an opportunity for someone to do business with.”

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