Iwata unboxes the Wii U Premium Pack

iwata unboxing wiiu

During today’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata provided an unboxing of the Wii U Premium Pack providing an overview of what it contains.

Across Europe and North America, the Premium Pack will include:
* Black Wii U console with 32GB internal Flash memory
* Black Wii U GamePad with Stylus
* Wii U GamePad Cradle
* Wii U GamePad Stand
* Wii U Console Stand
* AC Adapter
* GamePad AC Adapter
* 1.5m HDMI Cable
* Sensor Bar
* A copy of Nintendo Land

Wii U will launch across North America on November 18th, and Europe on November 30th.

You can watch the entire subtitled video below:

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