Iwata stops by StreetPass Mii Plaza ahead of E3 2013


Donning a Luigi cap, green top, and iconic golden trousers, Nintendo’s global president has today stopped by StreetPass Mii Plaza ahead of next week’s Nintendo Direct @ E3 2013.

“I came here through SpotPass! Nice to meet you!” his Mii exclaims. “[Nintendo] Direct on 11/6!”

When not contemplating Nintendo’s plans for the annual trade show, he’s most recently been playing through Luigi’s Mansion 2 apparently.

As per usual, you can nab a Puzzle Piece from him and also thrust him into battle in StreetPass Quest – in which he becomes a level 5 hero!

It’s not the first time he’s made a digital appearance, having last been distributed to mark the Nintendo 3DS’s first birthday.

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