Iwata: Nintendo eager to provide opportunity for indies


Nintendo’s pursuit of encouraging independent developers to publish their games on Wii U has been well documented this year, especially alongside their Nintendo Web Framework announcement at GDC 13.

Satoru Iwata has reaffirmed such commitment, stating that they “received great feedback” regarding the initiative and that they have been in contact “with more than a thousand parties.”

His comments were made during the company’s E3 2013 analyst briefing, “Also, at the March Game Developers Conference held in San Francisco, we announced to the attending game developers Nintendo Web Framework, which provides a way of developing Wii U software using open web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript, and the provision of Unity for Wii U.”

He continued, “Since then, we have received great feedback. We have been in contact with more than a thousand parties.

“Even though software for dedicated gaming devices has become advanced and complex, we have been working on those new approaches to expand the range of developers for the platform. As digital business expands, there will be even more opportunities for us to do business with small, independent software developers.”

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