Iwata: Nintendo are “still researching” plausibility of entering mobile phone space

Responding to a query from an investor during a shareholder meeting, in which they suggested Nintendo incorporate mobile phone functionality with their forthcoming products, Satoru Iwata responded that the company was “still researching” being able to do so – commenting that as a worldwide company they would be required to partner with mobile phone companies across the globe.

“If we had never considered combining a mobile phone and a handheld device, we would be negligent, but on the other hand, mobile phones are subject to monthly fees, and we need to consider how well this would fit with game devices or how we should balance these aspects,” Iwata explained.

“Adding to this, mobile phone companies are generally divided by countries, and when running a business on a worldwide basis, we need to consider in what conditions can we partner up with mobile phone companies around the world. Please understand that we are still researching these areas.”

[Thanks, GameSpot]

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