Iwata: New Nintendo console to “offer a new way of playing games within the home”

satoru iwata

Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata has provided the first concrete hints in regards to the company’s new home console, commenting that it will “offer a new way of playing games within the home.”

Speaking during a news conference this morning, Iwata confirmed the existence of the console before stating: “As for the details of exactly what it will be, we have decided that it is best to let people experience it for themselves at E3. So I won’t talk about specific details today, but it will offer a new way of playing games within the home.”

A slightly open-ended comment nonetheless, but one that hints that Nintendo may be continually pursuing the direction first presented with the Wii – actively pursuing to further broaden the audience that are able to engage in enjoying videogames in an entirely new and innovative way.

With speculation and rumour surrounding the possibility of a new tablet-like controller from the industry powerhouse, all eyes are certainly set to be on Nintendo at the upcoming E3 Expo in June.

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  1. Nintendo surely knows how to keep the light on them, lets see how many years it will take SONY to copy Nintendo’s new technology this time ….

    1. No… They copied the N64 in so far as that they stole the idea of the control stick, but the N64 didn’t sell well. Look at a PS3 controller. Nothing on it was originally their idea.

  2. The new controller looks ridiculous, its not a DS… I wouldnt want to play any games with the controller images I’ve seen. Hopefully it will vary in a lot of ways from those leaked images.

  3. I just want a wiimote that is upgraded to use and can do what the kinect and ps-move does. I don’t want go back a step in terms of gameplay to a last gen pad.

  4. Well nintendo not stupid there going to let you play old Wii game – but not gamecube – just like they did with the ds lite and DSi – gba in one and DSi ware in the other – but wii2 will have somthing better than Wii ware – – ( I hate the name wii2 – make me want to barf just like the iPad 2 -)

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