Iwata explains why the Nintendo 3DS doesn’t encompass 3G functionality


Nintendo CEO and President Satoru Iwata has discussed with investors the company’s reasoning behind not including 3G technology within the upcoming Nintendo 3DS.

Although Nintendo had considered the inclusion of 3G functionality, Iwata explained that additional monthly costs would have not been popular amongst those wishing to buy the handheld. For those that don’t know, 3G allows devices to be connected to the internet without the need for wireless access points.

“As I have been constantly saying, the need to ask our consumers to shoulder monthly payments is not a great match for the entertainment that we are dealing with,” Iwata stated. “Of course, there are people who are willing to pay monthly fees in order to enjoy certain functions. However, Nintendo is a company who wants as many consumers as possible to enjoy our proposals. ”

He continued, “Accordingly, as long as we need to ask our consumers to pay additional costs every month, it is unlikely to become one of our viable options. Of course, the cost to carry such functions is even expected to become less and less expensive from now. But we are not only concerned about the cost the consumers have to pay for the hardware. The bigger question is, “Will the added experience that our consumers can expect really be worth the additional burdens which have to be shouldered by the consumers (such as communication fees) when compared with the experiences that can be realized without having to ask our consumers to do so?”


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