Iwata: E3 to showcase “richer” Nintendo 3DS software line-up

iwata 3ds

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has admitted to investors that third-party publishers had been wary to develop software for the Nintendo 3DS due to initially stalled sales.

However, with its rejuvenated success they are now more willing and Nintendo will showcase a “richer” software line-up for the handheld at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

“As for the Nintendo 3DS, there may appear to be fewer commitments from the U.S. and the European software publishers than those of their Japanese counterparts,” Iwata began.

“This is due to the different timing (between Japan and overseas) when they noticed that the Nintendo 3DS would surely expand widely into their markets and, thus, the different timing when they started the actual development of the Nintendo 3DS software.

“You will also notice a change in this situation when a richer Nintendo 3DS software lineup in the overseas markets is announced around the time of the E3 show. In Japan, we have this solid feeling that the Japanese publishers will continuously support the Nintendo 3DS. Accordingly, I have no pessimistic view on the Nintendo 3DS software lineup.”

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