Iwata dismisses resignation reports as purely speculation


There’s much that Nintendo and the company’s fans can be thankful of Satoru Iwata for. So, when he had purportedly implied earlier in the year that he would resign if they were unable to meet their financial results this year, you could imagine the dismay that resounded throughout the globe.

Thankfully he has now addressed the situation, claiming that reports had misinterpreted his use of the word “commitment,” and that his responsibility remains as being to “maxmise the long-term corporate value of Nintendo.”

Whilst the Wii U has failed to strike the resounding chord that the company had hoped, Iwata reasoned that it is beyond their reach to make consumers recommend games to one another.

“First of all, I used the word ‘commitment’ to show our firm determination to do our best to reach our target. However, it was perhaps not an appropriate term to use as it has, as a result, led to some reports that speculated about my resignation,” Iwata explained.

“I believe that my ultimate responsibility is to maximize the long-term corporate value of Nintendo. That is how I view my role, but on the other hand, I am not saying that the current financial forecast has become unattainable.

“As I remarked just a while ago, the annual financial performance of a video game company rests heavily upon its success in the year-end sales season. There would of course be a significant difference between the most optimistic and the most pessimistic scenarios. This is the inevitable fate of any video game company, and even if one may hope it to be more foreseeable, we operate in an environment where it is impossible to know the outcome of a product we have produced until consumers have tried it for themselves.

“What is more, how players influence the value of our products and turn them into hit titles through interacting with each other, and thereby creating buzz in society, is simply beyond our reach. All we can do is offer the best entertainment that we can and do our best to motivate our consumers to talk about our products, but there is inevitably a fair degree of uncertainty in our performance. Therefore, I do not think that it is the right time to change our financial forecast.”

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  1. “I believe that my ultimate responsibility is to maximize the long-term corporate value of Nintendo. That is how I view my role”
    I don’t know what you guys think, but I believe Satoru Iwata is on a mission with a clear objective to REDUCE as much as possible the corporate value of Nintendo. Since E3 2011 every thing he has done is the opposite of what Nintendo usually does. He presented a Wii U controller, no console, no games (and a TERRIBLE name, by the way) and the next three days after E3 2011 the Nintendo stock fell around 18%, and has been falling since then. Nintendo launched the Wii U with no system seller games (and still waiting for those), there has been no marketing campaign, like they did with the Wii before (remember the “Wii Would Like to Play” adds?). Nintendo removed the Nintendo Channel from the Wii, which was a very good way to promote Nintendo products to their huge install base of Wii owners (remember “Nintendo Week” with Gary and Alison?), and decided NOT to do a presentation at E3 2013, not to mention the lacking 3rd party support and mediocre 1st party games.
    I have a theory, maybe it’s crazy, but stay with me. I believe this guy, Iwata-san, is trying as hard as he can to reduce the stock value of the company so he can buy as much stocks as possible, and once he gets what he wants he will start doing the right things again to “maximize the long-term corporate value of Nintendo”. Am I crazy? I think this is what he is actually doing, Mr. Yamauchi is already out of the picture, so he is trying to get Nintendo all for himself. What do you think?

  2. I’m confused about how stupid people are in their judgments and in what they think they are entitled to… and I’m not talking about Iwata.

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