I’ve Got to Run! makes a dash for Wii U


4 Corner Games have confirmed plans to release I’ve Got to Run! for Wii U through the Nintendo eShop.

The creation of independent developer Syrenne McNulty, this autorunning platformer sees players dash through randomly generated courses as Roy the Marshmallow Boy, with three separate modes – Endless Classic, Endless Double and Endless Special – set to challenge even the most hardcore gamers. Double grants players with a double jump, whereas Endless Special will see you choose whether to collect or avoid objects that will increase the game’s already exhilarating speed.

Currently only planned for a North American release, although still having potential for a European arrival, the games boasts HD graphics, and a solid 60 frames per second whether playing on either the TV screen or Wii U GamePad.

I’ve Got to Run! will release in the first half of 2014 for Wii U across North America, priced at $1.99 USD/$2.19 CAD.

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