Itagaki responds to negative Devil’s Third reviews

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Devil’s Third creator Tomonobu Itagaki has responded to the negative reception that the Wii U exclusive has received from critics.

We found Valhalla Game Studios debut to be lamentably average in our own review, with aggregated Metacritic scores sitting at a 41 average at the time of writing.

Itagaki has accepted that some criticism has been “constructive and fair,” however believes that those critiquing the game “weren’t given a chance to evaluate it properly.” He particularly feels that the online multiplayer mode wasn’t shown to its full potential, with reviewers limited to playing “in a closed environment.”

“Hey guys, Thank you for playing our Devil’s Third,” Itagaki began on Facebook. “I believe that those of you who actually have the game in your hands are more than satisfied with how interesting and fun the game is.

“Unfortunately the scores we’ve been receiving in Europe are pretty awful. Some of the criticism we’re getting is constructive and fair – I can accept that. But in general, I’m going to guess that most of the people reviewing the game weren’t given a chance to evaluate it properly.

“Just as one example, we designed the online multiplayer mode to be enjoyed together with tons of people, but it seems dozens of reviewers were only allowed to try the game in a closed environment.

“That’s extremely unfortunate for everyone involved. As you can imagine, no one can effectively evaluate the playability of multiplayer games under these conditions.

“For me though, I value the feedback you guys can offer much more. Please enjoy the game for yourselves. After that, let me know everything about what you’re thinking, so that we can make a better future. Gamers, let’s build a future together. Thanks as always.”

Devil’s Third is now available exclusively for Wii U in Japan, Europe and Australia, and will release in North America on December 11th.

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  1. I have the game, it is not very good. There is no motion control or wii remote options. You have to use the gamepad or pro controller to aim using the right stick. Maybe I need more practice, but this game is not fun to play, so I am not going to bother to git gud.

    That is not the worst part. The loading times are so painful. Even exiting a lobby it has to load the menu again. This takes minutes at a time.

    I spent Sunday morning trying to get into a game, but I could only play free for all. There is no one in any of the other lobbies, so I just went back to playing Splatoon.

    So buy this game if you are a masochist, Although I wish I had of trusted the reviews and saved my money.

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