Itagaki advocates Wii U Pro Controller to play Devil’s Third


Immediately responding to negative Devil’s Third previews, creator Tomonobu Itagaki has suggested that the media simply aren’t using the optimal control scheme.

While I would argue that the controls are the least of the Wii U exclusive’s troubles, Itagaki advises against using the Wii U GamePad and instead advocates using the Wii U Pro Controller instead.

“Why do I recommend Pro-controller? I never wanna discount standard tab-controller. But, Devil’s Third is a super speedy game. So tab-controller has following disadvantages:

1. Four face buttons are positioned overcrowding. So you easily press the wrong button. In that case, you will die.

2. Distance of two analogue sticks are too far apart. So it’s quite difficult for you to feel/grasp the battlefield.

3. Devil’s Third is a game you play a long time. The standard tab-controler is too heavy for such use.”

Devil’s Third releases exclusively for Wii U in Japan on August 4th, Europe on August 28th and Australia on August 29th.

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