Irony Curtain Tears Down Walls On Nintendo Switch In 2019

Irony Curtain Screenshot

Artifex Mundi has announced that Irony Curtain will release on Nintendo Switch, a satirical point-and-click adventure set in a totalitarian communist country.

Playing as a Western journalist visiting the communist regime of Matryoshka for the first time, it promises to take you out of your bourgeoisie comfort zone and throw you right in the middle of a Cold War class struggle to the death.

“Our glorious country of Matryoshka wishes to extend an invitation to the West, and allow them to witness the glory of communism first-hand. Visitors shall be the first outsiders to bask in the light of The Leader, who is the embodiment of all that is good and not the ‘demon, blood-drunk butcher, or godless dictator’ non-believers would have you fear,” the Department of Propaganda Communication writes.

“We welcome them to explore our beautiful country and political realm by solving puzzles and minigames to understand the depth of corruption surrounding the magnanimity of our fearless leader. This sponsored visit includes a meeting with our Minister of Propaganda Communication, Vlad. The Minister’s job is completely unnecessary, but our country has zero tolerance for unemployment because it shows the West that we are stronger than them.

“While our guests aren’t busy submitting themselves to unnecessary strip-searches, they will try to finagle their way through tricky scenarios using creative combinations of items. Our gorgeous, colourful hand-drawn country ensures that foreign eyes will always bask in the glory of our people and natural splendour. It is our hope that these beautiful images draw their eyes away from our impoverished wealthy citizens so they do not try to steal our secrets.”

Irony Curtain will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2019.

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