Irony Curtain Is A Cold War Era, Communist-Comedy Adventure

Irony Curtain Review Header

Artifex Mundi has released a new trailer for Irony Curtain, a satirical point-and-click adventure that’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

Set in a totalitarian, communist Eastern European country, you play as Evan, a Western journalist, visiting the communist regime of Matryoshka for the first time.

This alternate reality is unbound by historical accuracy and will see you encounter sleeper spies, stolen secrets, and world-domination plots. With some non-linear puzzles, you are free to solve them in one of many ways.

And, then there’s the chance to meet the mysterious Leader who rules Matryoshka with an “irony” fist, the brave and witty Agent Anna, the notorious Minister of Propaganda, and others.

Irony Curtain will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Q2 2019, priced at €19.99 ($19.99).

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