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IronFall Invasion relisted on Nintendo eShop after IronHax exploit sealed

After IronFall Invasion was suddenly yanked from the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo has proven repeatedly that they will act quickly to deter hackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities discovered in softwar...


Free IronFall Invasion update delivers gameplay improvements

IronFall Invasion developer VD-Dev have continued to tinker with the Nintendo 3DS exclusive in the weeks that have followed launch. That’s allowed them to make improvements to the gameplay exper...

Nintendo Download: 26th February 2015 (North America)

Nintendo of America have shared this week’s Nintendo Download, delivering plenty of jungle hijinks as the Virtual Console service welcomes the Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land series. Gr...


IronFall Invasion Review

Mankind discovered that it wasn’t alone in the galaxy when, IronFall Invasion foretells on 14th May 2015 at 5.32pm, a small observatory in southern Italy detected radio signals coming from the O...

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IronFall Invasion developer VD-Dev discuss the Nintendo 3DS exclusive

With IronFall Invasion launching in Europe this Friday, Nintendo sat down with the three-man team behind the Nintendo 3DS exclusive to discuss its development. As we learn from the Developer Interview...


Nintendo Download: 12th February 2015 (Europe)

As can be expected, this week’s Nintendo Download for Europe is packed full of content to herald the arrival of the New Nintendo 3DS. That sees The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, Monst...


IronFall: Invasion gunning for Nintendo 3DS in February

It was revealed in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct that VD-Dev, a small team of three indie developers, are to bring fast-paced shooting action to Nintendo 3DS next month in IronFall: Invasion. Spor...

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