IronFall Invasion relisted on Nintendo eShop after IronHax exploit sealed


After IronFall Invasion was suddenly yanked from the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo has proven repeatedly that they will act quickly to deter hackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities discovered in software.

VD-Dev’s third-person shooter had been victim to hacker Smealum, who had uncovered a workaround in the Nintendo 3DS exclusive’s code that would allow users to circumvent security settings. This opened up the option to install homebrew and, ultimately, see players able to remove the handheld’s imposed region-lock.

As soon as he went public with his discovery, Nintendo swiftly removed IronFall Invasion from the Nintendo eShop. It has taken months to reinstate it on the Nintendo eShop, but the situation has now been addressed with a mandatory update having been pushed out to those that have already downloaded the game.

Smealum has warned those that have Ironhax to not redownload the Nintendo eShop release, while confirming that the vulnerability has been patched.

“FYI, IronFall is back up on eShop (yay) but of course the vuln’s been patched (sad). Those who have Ironhax should never redownload IronFall,” he clarified. “Also for those who do have Ironhax: I’d backup the files and keep it around. Themehax will likely be patched in a future firmware version. While if you just hold on to IronFall there’s not much Nintendo an do! So don’t just throw it away please.”

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