iPad, Apple Watch and Wii U lead Target’s record-breaking Thanksgiving sales


Target has shared that their Thanksgiving sales have “outpaced” the record-breaking performance that the North American retailer achieved last year.

That success was driven by three items – identified as the iPad, Apple Watch and Wii U – which saw the company celebrate their “biggest day for online sales yet.”

The Wii U was named as the top-selling item on Target.com, with the iPad and Apple Watch becoming top sellers both in-store and online. Such demand meant that, on average, they reportedly sold an iPad every second on Thanksgiving.

Nintendo of America will be pleased to hear about such success, spurred by the new Special Edition Smash Splat Deluxe Set – which bundles Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Splatoon – that was launched at retailers to coincide with Black Friday.

More than three million movies were sold in-store, while the retailer shared that a three-foot stuffed teddy bar ($10) proved a surprise hit with some stores selling out within minutes of opening.

[Thanks Forbes]
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