Invincibility Glitch discovered in Super Mario Maker


Super Mario Maker may have already welcomed more than one million user-created courses, but players have somehow managed to discover an invincibility glitch.

Shared by Abdul to GameXplain, which the YouTube channel has been able to replicate in demonstrating how it can be achieved. The requirements are remarkably specific, with players having to enter a door while taking damage as Super Mario.

That means that you will need to have an additional power-up (such as a Fire Flower), to then swing the door open once the damage is dealt. But, you can only enter the door towards the end of Mario’s recovery for the glitch to occur – when the Italian plumber starts blinking faster.

Once unlocked players won’t take damage from enemies, hazards and traps, but can’t collect any power-ups aside from Stars – which are somewhat meaningless as that point! GameXplain’s video will hopefully provide a clearer explanation below.

Super Mario Maker is now available exclusively for Wii U worldwide.

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