Inversus Deluxe Shoots Negative Space On Nintendo Switch This Year


Hypersect has announced that their negative-space shooter Inversus Deluxe will see release on Nintendo Switch.

It sees up to four players rapidly move around a playfield, on which their movement is constrained to opposite colours of a black and white grid – the developer summarising that as “my walls are your paths and your walls are my paths.”

Each shot that you fire will flip the tile colours as each player attempts to block, trap and close in on their enemies. The competitive versus mode will pit players against each other in 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 battles, with the single-player and cooperative two-player modes challenging you to take down endless waves of enemies on an ever-changing board.

The Nintendo Switch version has new content, features and visual enhancements compared to the original game, with 12 new versus maps and 4 new arcade maps, a new single-player versus mode that will let you face off against AI Bots, and ranked online multiplayer.

It doesn’t end there, either, with new real-time soft shadows and high definition materials, new split-shot ammo that will let you fork bullets and shoot around corners, and new unlockable motion trails.

“When I first saw Nintendo Switch, I knew it was the perfect home for Inversus!” enthused Hypersect designer Ryan Juckett. “The controls map directly onto a single Joy-Con for playing with friends, while the quick game sessions are great for playing on the go.”

Inversus Deluxe will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide this fall.

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