Inkbrush Nouveau and Range Blaster now available in Splatoon


Nintendo has equipped Inklings with more ink-based weaponry in Splatoon, having today delivered the Inkbrush Nouveau and Range Blaster.

The Inkbrush Nouveau has the same abilities as the standard Inkbrush, but has Ink Mines and the Bubbler as sub and special weapons. Whereas the Range Blaster can fire shots with an extended range compared to the standard Blaster, with the Splash Wall and Inkstrike completing the set.

“Sometimes, a kid just wants to get up close and POW! Introducing the Inkbrush Nouveau, which brings the same abilities as the Inkbrush but has a different sub and special!” the Squid Research Lab explains. “You’ll be able to lay Ink Mines to catch your foes off guard, and then use the Bubbler when you’re ready to go in for your attack!”

As for the Range Blaster, they write: “Good things must come in twos (that’s a thing, right?), because also coming to Splatoon is the Range Blaster! As the name suggests, the Range Blaster is a Blaster with shots that travel farther before exploding. It has a lower rate of fire, but who cares when you’re taking people out from clear across the battle field!? The Range Blaster comes complete with the Splash Wall and Inkstrike.”

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