Ink Your Turf In The Splatoon 2 UK Championship


Nintendo UK has announced the Splatoon 2 UK Championship, in which they will search for the best Inkling squad across the country.

Whether you already have a well-tuned team or are a lone wolf wanting to step into the competitive arena, the Splatoon 2 UK Championship presents you with local multiplayer community events and online qualifiers that could see you participate in the Grand Final at EGX 2017.

The Grand Final will see eight teams of four players compete in a tournament that will be broadcast live on the Nintendo UK Twitch channel, with each member on the winning team to receive a trophy, a Splatoon 2 merchandise bundle, and an exclusive champion’s jersey to commemorate their victory.

Nintendo UK has provided details on the five qualification routes that are outlined below, with more details on their official website:

Qualification Route 1 – Insomnia61 Splatoon 2 Tournament

Announced last week, a tournament will be held on Saturday 26th August at Insomnia61. The winners of this tournament will be the first team to qualify for the Splatoon 2 UK Championship Grand Final.

Qualification Route 2 – ESL Online Qualifiers

ESL will host online qualifiers on three dates, Saturday 2nd September, Wednesday 6th September and Saturday 9th September. Once you have created an ESL account you will be able to either create a team with other ESL members and enter a tournament that way, or enter as a solo player and let ESL put you in a team for the online event.

Qualification Route 3 – Nintendo Players UK Community Events

Local Nintendo fan groups affiliated with the independent Nintendo Players UK community are hosting a number of events around the country with a goal to find two teams to represent the Nintendo Players UK community at EGX 2017.

Qualification Route 4 – Nintendo Life League Battle Pair-up

We’ve partnered with our friends at Nintendo Life to find a pair of practised cephalopods to join the best two players from Nintendo Life’s staff at EGX in the Splatoon 2 UK Championship Grand Final! To be in with a chance you’ll need to team up with a friend and play in the 19:00-21:00 League Battle on Wednesday 30th August as a pair and, after the battle, share a screenshot of your record with @NintendoLife and #UKSplatChamps on Twitter showing your pair’s highest league power. The pair with the highest league power will join Nintendo Life at EGX 2017!

Qualification Route 5 – EGX 2017

There will be a last-chance qualifier at EGX 2017, held at the Nintendo Switch Tournament Area on the day of the Grand Final.

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