Injustice Battle Arena invites you to determine DC Comics champions


The roster of legendary DC Comics characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us are to battle for supremacy over the next ten weeks, it has been announced.

Each week, two challengers will enter the Injustice Battle Arena, with fans granted the opportunity to determine the champion through voting.

Combatants will be revealed every Monday in weekly match-up videos, which detail their skills, attributes and technology, with man-on-the-street and celebrity experts endorsing their selection.

Then, on Thursday night, the results will be announced in a final fight video, confirming the victor of that week’s match-up.

Those that in the UK that participate will receive an Injustice avatar item and DLC content, and are encouraged to share their opinion through Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

To see each week’s battle, head over to, and see the video with Taryn Southern below for more information:

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