Set Sail For Tortuga In Free Infinite Minigolf DLC

Zen Studios invite you to set sail for the Caribbean pirate town of Tortuga, in free downloadable content that has been released for Infinite Minigolf. That will see you join Captain Salvador and his ...


Zen Studios Heap Praise On Ease In Developing For Nintendo Switch

Zen Studios has revealed that they have unannounced games in development for Nintendo Switch, strongly hinting that includes at least one pinball title. Their comments came in a Reddit AMA, where the ...


Infinite Minigolf Tees Off On Nintendo Switch On July 25th

Zen Studios has announced that Infinite Minigolf will see release on Nintendo Switch next week. That was accompanied by news that it will support cross-platform user created course sharing, which mean...


Infinite Minigolf Putts Toward Nintendo Switch In Spring

Zen Studios has announced plans to release Infinite Minigolf on Nintendo Switch, which promises incredibly accurate ball physics, dazzling graphics and detailed environments that each have their own d...

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