Indie Channel Now Open On Your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Indie Channel Screenshot

Nintendo of America has launched a new Indie Channel on Nintendo Switch in an effort to help keep you up to date with any updates and announcements about indie games that are headed to the portable home console.

If you open the News app from the console’s main menu, you should be able to use “Find Channel” to discover and follow it.

“Thank you for following the Indie Channel – an inside look at some of the imaginative and unique indie games for the Nintendo Switch system!” Nintendo writes in the Indie Channel’s first post.

“On this channel, you’ll find the latest indie announcements, in-depth Q&As, developer stories and more. (And since the indie spirit is all about delivering fresh, sometimes kooky, experiences, there will be a few surprises as well!)

“At this very moment, many many game studios are hard at work crafting new experiences for you to play. We know how hard it can be to keep up, so hopefully this channel will help you discover some great games that you may not have heard about and gain a deeper appreciation for the excellent indie games you already love.”

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