Immersion’s TouchSense Technology Used In Nintendo Switch


Immersion has announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Nintendo, which will allow the company to adapt its TouchSense technology to Nintendo Switch. As part of the agreement, Nintendo will receive a license to Immersion’s patent portfolio.

Once adapted to Nintendo Switch, developers will be able to use Immersion’s TouchSense software suite to design games for the console. This will help them provide immersive touch-based gaming controls to players around the world.

With adding the sense of touch to games believed to heighten the player’s experience and engagement, research has shown that utilising haptics technology can further increase satisfaction and enjoyment. On Nintendo Switch, developers can now leverage the sense of touch to provide players with a tactile experience that isn’t available on any other system.

“We are thrilled about the opportunity to work with Nintendo to bring Immersion’s TouchSense technology to their customers,” commented Immersion CEO Vic Viegas. “Nintendo sets the bar with their gaming systems, and adding advanced touch effects will give them an additional edge in delivering an incredible gaming experience to their customers.”

Nintendo Switch will launch worldwide on Friday 3rd March, priced at £279.99 ($299.99).

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