iam8bit Open Johto Legends Vinyl Pre-Orders


iam8bit has opened pre-orders for Johto Legends, a one-hour orchestral arrangement vinyl album that will celebrate Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver.

The album has been produced in collaboration with Materia Collective and arranger Braxton Burks, and will see a young Pokémon Trainer’s journey across the Johto region recounted through a musical narrative – from encountering new Pokémon right through to taking on the nefarious Team Rocket and discovering the legendary guardians of Johto.

Artist Ryan Brinkerhoff’s packaging houses the album in a premium foil-stamped jacket with gold and silver foil inner sleeves, half-and-half colour Poké Ball vinyl discs and an epic gatefold illustration

Johto Legends is available to pre-order priced at $40, and will ship in Q1 2018.

Those interested in hearing a synthesised preview of tracks that will be recorded for Johto Legends can listen below:

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