Hyrule Warriors Master Quest Pack content shown in latest trailer


You may have already pounded thousands of enemies in Hyrule Warriors, but the arrival of the Wii U exclusive’s new Master Quest Pack will allow you to do so in new ways.

That will namely see Epona gallop in, tramping all foes that lie in her path. This is accompanied by five new Legend Mode scenarios such as “Cia’s Tale,” Guardian of Time costumes for Lana and Cia, and the new Master Quest map for Adventure Mode.

The Master Quest Pack is the first of four pieces of add-on content being released for Hyrule Warriors, which will all release by February 2015. The cheapest way to nab them all is through the Hero of Hyrule Pack, a season pass of sorts, which is priced at £13.49 and will allow you to download each as they become available.

Hyrule Warriors is available exclusively for Wii U worldwide.

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